The BIG Session on BIG Data

“We’re All Data Scientists, Now (Aren’t We?)”!

The marketing revolution has happened (again).  The first time around it was creative.  The second time it was media.  This time - it's data.  

Data is the fuel that feeds the fire and its quickly becoming the central currency of marketing; the "atomic unit of marketing” if you will.  Data is weaving itself into media, into creative, into analytics and into everything we do!  If you’re a marketer, publisher or agency employee and you don't believe in data, you might want to start considering a career change – or should you?  What does the data revolution mean for you and your role?  Are you now, like it or not, a data scientist?  What are the implications of big data on the role of marketer, agency, and publisher?  How should you be thinking about data? How will you be using data to improve your digital marketing performance or better yet, grow you business?

This will be a BIG session featuring a BIG topic – BIG data!   In true BIG fashion we will feature an intro keynote that resolves into a true panel with reaction and rebuttal by some of the companies that are at the forefront of the data-driven marketing revolution.


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Speaker: Peter Foster, Moderator
Speaker Peter Foster, Moderator

GM, Audience Advertising, Yahoo!

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Organizer sfBIG


Thu, March 21, 2013
8 a.m. - 10 a.m.
(GMT-0700) US/Pacific

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The Palace Hotel
2 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94102