The BIG Minute: Advertising, Marketing & Media Tech

The BIG Minute: Advertising, Marketing & Media Tech


The Bay Area is home to some of the BIGgest and most well-respected companies in the world.  At a U2 concert a few years back, Bono greeted the audience by saying "Hello Bay Area, and thank you for creating the 21st century".  We think we was right!

In the last year the world has witnessed success after success stemming from the people right here - the people responsible for crafting the companies that create the jobs which drive us out of recession and back into global growth.  This event, the BIG Minute, is our chance as a community to get a window seat on the next wave of entrepreneurs and start-ups who will continue this wave of success and drive even more growth in the years to come.

This is the 3rd BIG Minute; the sfBIG event focused on start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovation.  This year's focus is on the world of Media, Marketing and Advertising.  We will be featuring 13 companies (a BIG dozen) and they will each have a BIG minute (80 seconds) to tell us what they do and why it's important.

The event will be kicked off by an attention grabbing BIG keynote featuring the Al Lieb, CEO of Clearslide.

That keynote will be followed by the start-up presentations and a BIG panel of judges who will talk about what they see in each of these companies; trends and opportunities that will affect the ad and marketing tech business this year.  This year's presentations include the following companies:

  • Blue Kangaroo
  • California Sunday
  • Chute
  • CubeYou
  • PlzAdvize
  • MIxRank
  • Namo Media
  • ShareRoot
  • Storefront 
  • Unbound 

Join us and hear what the next great start-up will be!

Sponsored by: Yahoo! and Quantcast


Organizer sfBIG


Thu, Feb. 6, 2014
8 a.m. - 10 a.m.
(GMT-0700) US/Pacific

Event has ended


Palace Hotel
2 New Montgomery St
San Francisco, CA 94105