Individual Achievement Award Nominees


Account Big Star of the Year - Often operating behind the scenes, holding everything together, managing details meticulously, the Account people are the backbone of our industry. Let's celebrate them by nominating an individual working within Account Management (Agency, Publisher, Tech, Brand) who has displayed outstanding skills in managing client business while handling their relationships with clients, coworkers, and industry colleagues with the utmost professionalism. This is someone who, not only delivers their own work with thoughtfulness and precision, but manages everyone else with a smile. The person that always seem to have a great solution in their back pocket. You know when you've worked with a good Account Person, so nominate them and tell them what a great job they are doing!


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Lyndsey Sotwick



"The phrase “punching above your weight” implies taking on responsibilities beyond your experience level or pay grade. It’s a special type of person who can punch above their weight. They seize the opportunity to take on more, and learn by jumping in. Every organization is better off for having these types of folks.


A perfect example is here within the walls of barrettSF. Her name is Lyndsey (with a y) Sotwick. Although she’s an account manager with less than 2 years of agency experience, she is proving adept at handling the tasks that an account director would.


She’s extremely client facing, and can run entire projects and accounts, anticipating client needs, and getting her entire internal team to be on time, and on budget, not to mention championing great work along the way. She currently works on Cost Plus World Market, California Redwood, and Zappos.com which has her flying back to familiar Las Vegas – where Zappos is located.


In 8 short months with us, she’s already produced a campaign for California Redwood, consisting of 4 TV spots, 5 web films, and countless social posts. She’s gearing up for a production with Zappos, and Cost Plus which will have her pretty busy this whole summer. And she comes in every day with a can-do attitude and a smile.


So why is she so talented? Maybe it helps that Lyndsey happens to be a total brand nerd with a passion for production.


Following four years of school in the Arizona desert, she joined the brand marketing team at ARIA Resort & Casino. Here she learned the ins and outs of running a 4,004 room resort and casino, and how to make a brand stand out in a sea of sameness.


After a move out West to the Bay Area, Lyndsey began working at Eleven Inc, the ad agency for whom she was previously a client on ARIA. There she had the opportunity to work on the other side of the ARIA account, as well as Citrix GoToMeeting and other products. The opportunity to take more on, and gain valuable production experience was calling, so Lyndsey came over to barrettSF, and hit the ground running right away.


Lyndsey is a lifelong Cubs fan, and was especially happy this past Fall. If she has one flaw at all besides loving the Cubs, it’s a bad habit of overusing commas.


Lyndsey has a bright future at barrettSF, and we couldn’t be luckier to have her with us."




Anisha Naik



"Anisha Naik has been an instrumental account lead for Fetch for the past 5 years. She was initially attracted to working at Fetch through a combination of how they leveraged both data and creative as well as the collaborative and inclusive company culture. After 3 years with Fetch in London at their global HQ, she was given the opportunity to develop and polish her skills in the heart of San Francisco's app economy, which was a huge personal and professional goal of hers. Since her transition to San Francisco, she has continued to thrive at Fetch and offer her clients meticulous management and thoughtful delivery.


She currently works across some of Fetch's most important clients. Anisha's team members and Fetch at large, recognize that she is consistently a team player and can count on her to step into new, complex, technical situations and simplify work streams. With her deep expertise of account management, she recognizes and understands client wants versus needs and effectively communicates them, earning client respect. She is a dynamic leader who understands that account management should be a fluid and exciting position and filters this outlook through the team she manages. Anisha simultaneously manages global teams.


Culture is one of Fetch's biggest strengths and keeps our employees engaged and motivated in the work place. Throughout her time at Fetch, Anisha has taken the lead on organizing cultural efforts for the agency and has led by example on being able to balance fun and professionalism in the work environment. For example, Fetch organizes a week long global celebration of culture every year, Anisha has been a leader of this initiative both during her time in London and brought that enthusiasm to San Francisco as well. She is deeply invested in the cultural events for our agency at large.


She embodies masterful account management and strategic thinking across the scope of her clients. Additionally, for clients with stringent privacy needs, she has come up with new workarounds to be able to measure and run campaigns according to different standards and thinks of out of the box when it comes to leveraging existing technologies. Her management has positively impacted the marketing of every client she touches. Budgets have increased quarter after quarter, and her clients continually see positive ROI. Not only is she an effective leader and account director for the agency, she is also able to win new business from current clients, a testament to how clients trust her teams effectiveness.


Anisha has also impacted the agency and industry at large by driving forward conversations around fraud and misattribution. She puts an emphasis on a healthy work-life balance. She actively participates in meetups such as Women in Wireless, conferences, and organizations such as sfBIG."




Breanna Rodriguez



"Breanna is the exemplar for best in class customer service and account management. As an Account Lead at Yahoo Breanna has a challenging task of managing a complex book of business (including advertisers like Nintendo Pocket Gems, EA Pogo, Netflix and Grow Mobile) across all of Yahoo's product set (Search, Display, Native, Video and Programmatic) and all devices. She not only manages through this challenging book of business but exceeds it by putting her clients first, executing on all campaigns flawlessly, keeping an always-open line of communication, and ensuring her campaigns deliver against her clients' goals.


Specifically on EA through her recurring campaign updates and focus on campaign success she helped deliver QoQ double digit growth while activating new campaigns on Yahoo as well. Achievements like these have led her to win multiple Yahoo accolades like our "Upsell Activator" national award for implementing Netflix's first Native campaign on Yahoo.


But Breeanna's best trait is her focus on helping other AMs on her team and in the SF office by mentoring new hires, leading team trainings, participating in SME programs, and helping AMs navigate any challenges that come their way.


Because of her success in the Yahoo AM role, her commitment to client success, and her ability to lift her peers around her as well, I think Breeanna is deserving of the Account Big Star of the Year Award."


"Breeanna represents the very best in customer service and proactive Account Management that Yahoo! has to offer here in the Bay Area. In her role as an Account Lead, Breeanna manages her book of business with a laser focus on client satisfaction, ensuring all of her campaigns are executed flawlessly. She is consistently making proactive recommendations for optimizations to her Bay Area clients, including: Nintendo Pocket Gems, EA (Pogo), Netflix and Grow Mobile to name just a few.


As the AM on Electronic Art’s, Breeanna was able to help them to double-digit growth in Q2 by leading bi-weekly performance meetings with client and uncovering proactive opportunities to launch new campaigns in multiple accounts for their App Install Business.


At our 2016 National Sales Conference, Breeanna received the “Upsell Activator” Award for her great work on Netflix where she helped the client to activate their first ever Native campaign on Yahoo! for Narcos.


She is consistently receiving kudos from her clients and ADs on her work. No matter the challenge or issue, Breeanna has the ability to remain positive, cool-headed and professional. Her attitude and approach to her work is refreshing.Breeanna is a true professional and doesn’t hesitate to tackle any challenge that comes her way."