By: Dan Ledman, Creative Director, Resource Studio


Simple. Beautiful. Elegant. This is the best way I can describe Apple’s “Every Day” ad series featuring the photo, music, and FaceTime capabilities of the iPhone 5. The latest in this series, FaceTime Every Day, assembles scenes from multiple iPhone owners, showcasing how they use the video calling feature to connect, share, laugh, love, and cry.


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The candid scenes, shot naturally and handheld, underscore the power of visual communication. There is very little dialogue—just a few conversational moments we can hear like a young boy saying hello to his grandfather—and we understand instantly that FaceTime is a tool meant to connect people who otherwise would not be able to see a loved one, a fireworks display, a new home, or just each other face-to-face. This is Apple doing what it does best: showcasing its technology in a way that is instantly accessible and understandable. The ad focuses on what the technology allows you to do—real time experience sharing—not how it works. The what, not the how. But we know that--because its technology is shown in the hands of adults, children, and grandparents--anyone can use it.



I believe part of what makes this spot so powerful is the score, composed by artist Rob Simonsen, a musician who’s worked on several Hollywood scores including “Life of Pi” and “Moneyball” (he is also responsible for the music for Photos Every Day and Music Every Day). His use of solo piano helps echo the simplicity of Apple’s mission of marrying design and technology in ways that perfectly align to consumer needs. I first heard this spot before I saw it. It came one day while I was working in the office and I had to run into the TV room to see what was playing. The sound design of these spots has become as powerful as the visuals themselves. Quick snippits of every day dialogue coupled with the piano score has become a powerful mnemonic: you know one of these ads when you hear it.


The best ideas are sometimes always the simplest ones. Apple lets us take in the beauty of seeing the world through the eyes of everyday people doing the same everyday things we do. There is no complex VO over-explaining the features and benefits of the product—and for that I am so thankful. We do get a quick verbal message from Apple toward the end, but at that point, Apple has earned the right. They’ve taken the time to entertain and educate but in a way that drew me in. Thank you Apple!


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