It was a great event last night. We enjoyed seeing everyone and we hope you had a wonderful time. 

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sfBIG Highlights of the Year

Innovative Campaign of the Year:

Winner: Pereira & O’Dell
Summary: Intel + Toshiba, The Inside Experience: A Social Film Project
Find out more about it here 

Most Innovative Team:

Winner: Butler, Shine, Stern + Partners
Summary: For their great work on a variety of clients including but not limited to Greyhound, Mini, Columbia and more! 

Media Plan of the Year:

Winner: Butler, Shine, Stern + Partners
Summary: Greyhound, Greyhound Adventures


Winner: AKQA
Summary: Microsoft Xbox Dance Central 2, Dance Cam
See more about it here 

Social Media:

Winner: Pereira & O’Dell
Summary: Corona, Corona Beach Break
Check it out here 


Winner: AKQA 
Summary: Clorox for Hidden Valley Ranch

sfBIG Next Big Thing

Next BIG Digital Startup

Winner: Luminate 
Summary: Luminate is the leader at making images interactive 

Next BIG Digital Salesperson

Winner: Kristen Chapman 
Summary: Specific Media 

Next BIG Media Planner

Winner: Brooke Meyer
Summary: Butler, Shine, Stern + Partners 

sfBIG Achievement Awards

Lynn Ingham Community Service Award

Winner: Pereira & O'Dell
Summary: The Barrel House 
Find out more here 

sfBIG Hall of Fame

Winner: David Smith
Summary: CEO & Founder of Mediasmith 

A big round of applause for our winners!