Did Mashable just call Pinterest “the hottest social network since sliced bread?” In fact, they did, and here are 30 stories published about Pinterest recently to prove it. But in the interest of time, let us sum up the hype for you: Pinterest has grown ridiculously fast in the US, is 83% female, and companies are trying to figure out how to get involved.

On Tuesday, Mashable posted an infographic showing major differences between Pinterest usage in the US and in the UK. The headline asked “will Pinterest remain a female-interested-in-crafts domain as it grows…or are the British setting a new trend for the hot start-up?” shows that in the UK, Pinterest users are mostly male and interested in PR, content management, even venture capital.

This prospect for change has us thinking: Could sfBIG use Pinterest as a new tool for connecting and empowering our community of interactive professionals? 

Here’s what we think: we are a visual culture, based in creativity, learning, and knowledge exchange. We use slides, decks, infographics and graphs all the time. And one of our goals at sfBIG is to bring us together, facilitate this interaction, and drive business impact back into the SF economy. 

Today, we’re introducing an experiment AND a hypothesis. We believe that sfBIG can facilitate a new use case for Pinterest – for local professional networking & collaboration. Follow us here. We’ve already started pinning! Over the next month, we’ll be pinning everything from pictures of slides from events (we can’t all travel to everything), infographics, news, award-winning and noteworthy creative. Have more ideas? Just let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Use this content to make your clients look smarter, make change in your organization, promote your own work, or increase your own knowledge of the industry. This is an image based social networking, so beware – the content will be mostly visual.

So, here are 3 steps for how to get involved:

  1. Start thinking about the value of Pinterest for networking
  2. Follow sfBIG if you’d like to join the experiment; we’ll follow you back
  3. Pin content you think could be valuable for other members of sfBIG

*Unfortunately collaborative pinning isn’t a feature yet – eventually we’ll join forces with Altimeter and submit this as a function request. In the meantime, you’ll have to rely on us to spread your content to the rest of sfBIG.

At the end of the month, we share our findings: which content spreads most effectively? What is the best way to collaborate? How will we use Pinterest moving forward? We are a community on & offline, and we hope this can bring us together

Happy pinning!


Written By Ali Wiezbowski