(San Francisco, CA: February 8, 2012) – Today, sfBIG (www.sfbig.com) made several organizational announcements for 2012. First, sfBIG is proud to announce its incoming board members, who will spearhead the organization’s efforts throughout 2012:

  • President: Aimee Rosewall-Godley, AOL
  • 1st Vice President, Content & Events: Brian Monahan, MAGNAGLOBAL Intelligence
  • 2nd Vice President, Membership & Monetization: Chris Marrow, Sojern
  • 3rd Vice President, Partnerships & Giving Back: David Lutz, ValueClick
  • Secretary: Patrick Thomas, Klout
  • Treasurer: Sheila Kellerman, SJ Kellerman & Associates

sfBIG is also pleased to announce its 2012 board of governors: Chris Albinson, Rick Cotton, John Durham, Shani Higgins, Adam Kleinberg, Scot McLernon, Susan McDermid, Andrew Mariorana, Mike Parker, Dave Smith, and Lindsey Thomas.


(Pictured, L-R: Mark Crafts, David Smith, Lindsey Thomas, David Lutz, Aimee Rosewall-Godley, Patrick Thomas & Amy Dalton)

In addition, the group has changed its name from the San Francisco Bay Area Interactive Group to the San Francisco Bay Area Innovation Group.

“This name change is a reflection of how sfBIG has grown and evolved with the Bay Area – and we want to celebrate the region’s diverse, innovative spirit and talent,” said incoming board sfBIG president Aimee Rosewall-Godley. “From its wealth of creative talent to its ground-breaking start-up culture, the Bay Area is home to the best and brightest in the global digital landscape and we want sfBIG to reflect and support the culture.”

In 2012, sfBIG will expand its content, community, and events beyond digital media and advertising to embrace all aspects of the Bay Area’s innovative ecosystem – including start-ups, gaming companies, mobile developers, venture capitalists, creative designers and more. “This year, we will shine a light on the vibrant talent and innovation in the Bay Area,” continued Rosewall-Godley. “

Finally, sfBIG kicks off 2012 with its new web site, built on Schipul’s flexible Tendenci platform. The new site will help the organization even more effectively foster its community through integrated news, events, job boards, photo galleries, newsletters, and more.

About sfBIG

Founded in 2004, the San Francisco Bay Area Innovation Group is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to championing innovation in digital media through education, networking and events.

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