sfBIG has come up with a unique and effective way to help local public schools address the severe shortage of PCs in classrooms. 

Working with San Francisco Unified School District IT team (SFUSD) and ComputersforClassrooms.org of Chico, California, sfBIG has established a unique "PC pipeline and delivery system" that brings like-new, low-cost computers to schools in great need

This past month, McKinley Elementary School received 32 PCs care of sfBIG's GIVE BIG program and was able to rebuild it's computer lab.  According to SFUSD officials, these 32 computers replaced older (and totally unsupported) SUN workstations in McKinley's only computer lab which is also their Library/Media center.  The older machines ran a cobbled version of Windows that frequently had issues, and most stations were not functional.  Now, the site is running many of the new programs being provided by the SFUSD Central Office.
The GIVE BIG  program is extremely fast and effective, usually taking less than 6 weeks from donation to computers on desks:

  • SFUSD has identified schools in great need and the technical specs of machines required.
  • ComputersforClassrooms.org fills requests from their refurbished PC inventory and customizes them to the exact specifications provided by SFUSD.
  • sfBIG provides funding for both PC refurbishment and delivery to Bay Area through funds raised at http://sfbig.org/give-big/. 
  • For just under $150 per machine, PCs can quickly be replaced and updated in San Francisco classrooms.

"Supporting our local kids and schools is part of our group's mission" says sfBIG's Mark Crafts.  "The funds we raise today will put computers in place for the new school year by early September.  Our members and local companies can make a big difference right now with donations."

Pat Furr, founder of ComputersforClassrooms.org, says her organization is ready to provide PCs in high volume to San Francisco through the GIVE BIG program.  "We're thrilled to be working with sfBIG to tackle this tough problem.  We have machines ready to go and with proper funding, there's no limit to what we can do!"

Give Big and donate today!