John Durham (known to many as "The Durham") is on of the original players from the digital marketing space and has provided thought leadership to countless people across the industry - both inside and ouside the companies he has served. 


The Durham is also famous for the role he has played for more than a few decades as a professor in the Marketing Department at University of San Francisco and Hult Inernational Business School, educating and mentoring hundreds of students as they learn about, find a job, and become sucessful in our industry and in life. 

As a tribute to the work, John has done to bring so many young people into digital marketing, "The Durham Internship Program has been created to accelerate the migration of student into our industry by formalizing an internship program in his name. 

Companies that have committed to becoming the backbone of the Program include:



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Internship Opportunites Good For Companies & Student Interns
For companies with established internship programs, "The Durham" Internship Program will fit into the parameters of their existing programs. For companies without established internship programs, "The Durham" Internship Program will have the following parameters, in accord with the federal rgulations
Unpaid & Paid Internships
    • Interns learn the ropes, gain real-worl experience, and build their resumes for post-graduation job search. 
    • Interns must receive training from the company, even if it somewhat impedes the work of the organization.
    • Interns must get hands-on experience with equipment and processes used in the industry. 
    • Interns' training must primarily benefit them, not the company
    • Interns are not guaranteed a job at the end of the internship
    • Interns cannot displace regular employees. 
    • If an unpaid intern, the emploer understands that the interns are not entitles to wages during the internship period. They may however receive a stipend. 
    • If an unpain intern, the internship period is limited, for example, the limit in California is 12 weeks. 
    • If a paid intern, the emploer and the inern(s) are legally an employee, who must be paid the minimum wage, earn overtime, and receive all of the other protections gauranteed by state and federal employment laws. 


You and your company should be a part of this!!


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