Give BIG! is a joint initiative between sfBIG, the San Francisco Unified School District(SFUD) and (CfC) that brings much-needed computing power to San Francisco schools.

The Challenge:

Here in the Bay Area, the heart of technology  innovation, most of us enjoy access to the very latest, cutting-edge technology and equipment. However, that’s not the case for everyone in our community, especially kids in our Bay Area public schools and low-income neighborhoods.

Give BIG! addresses a very specific problem here in San Francisco; the District does not have enough working machines.

  • Roughly 60% of ALL District Schools need help on this front and the District supports over 60,000 aging computers citywide.
  • Schools in greatest jeopardy are not ready for California’s initiative to take standardized testing online.  


Give BIG! provides help quickly and efficiently:

  • Average turnaround time is just 4-6 weeks between donation and school placement.
  • CfC provides low-cost, warranted machines that fit the District's exact specificiations. 
  • SFUSD places those machines in schools and classrooms with the greatest need.


Give BIG! donations are earmarked specifically for SFUSD schools:

  • Donated direct to CfC = 100% of funds go to equipment for SF schools
  • Donated online via Razoon = 97% of funds go to SF schools (site fee)
  • CfC and process all donations and confirmation tax letters.


How you can help:

3 Ways to Help:

    1. YOU - make an immediate difference with a donation
    2. YOUR COMPANY - ask your company to provide a matching donation or grant
    3. PEOPLE YOU KNOW - activate your network and tell others about Give BIG!
  • Dollars are best.
  • Used business equipment is great too - CfC picks up and reconditions PCs.
  • Share this!
  • BONUS - Give us ideas for motivating professionals, PTAs and businesses and join us!


Any amount you can donate will make a difference!




Online fundraising for GiveBIG! for San Francisco Kids and Schools

What's all the buzz:

Mash-up map of Tech Companies and SFUSD Schools



"Schools have new network but some can't take advantage" from SF Examiner


Schools that want new PCs must cobble together donations, grants and savings from their increasingly tight budgets.


Because the district has no budget for computers, it’s a problem each school must tackle on its own.


Heinrich estimates that only 40 percent of schools have enough up-to-date computers to give every student access to a high-speed Internet connection.