I was in a client meeting recently to present a concept for a new product launch video we were producing. As I started walking through the storyboards, the CMO turned to me and asked:

“I know we’re in the middle of a video project with you (Resource), but I need to ask, is it worth the money we’re spending? Are our consumers watching video? I’m not totally convinced they are.”

I was a little bit taken aback by the question, but had to remind myself not everyone is as close to original content creation as I am. With 51% of all Internet traffic going to video by 2014 (climbing to 90% by 2019) and YouTube serving 4 billion videos every day (YouTube is the third-most-trafficked site in the world, just behind Google and Facebook), I thought this presented a timely opportunity to share some compelling stats on just how dominant video is becoming in the content mix, and how impactful it can be for any brand.

It’s certainly not the only vehicle to reach your audience, but video should be a key component in any brand marketer’s content strategy. Here are a few compelling statistics.


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