20 Photo Sets Found
Holiday Party 2016

Holiday Party 2016 88

sfBIG sure knows how to party - and this photo album is evidence of that. Happy Holidays!
Mix It Up!

Mix It Up! 13

A new addition to sfBIG events, Mix It Up was hosted at Ketchum Food Studios in San Francisco. For the first time, sfBIG co-hosted with ...
sfBIG Charity Golf Tournament 2016

sfBIG Charity Golf Tournament 2016 109

We had a fabulous turn out at the Presidio Golf Club with over 100+ sfBIG members and guests joining for the special day. As expected ...
Meet GenZ

Meet GenZ 13

tl;dr - Facebook = Not Cool | Tumblr, SnapChat, & anonymity = Cool Steve Kraus - Chief Innovation Officer of Ipsos along with five of Generation Z's best and brightest took the stage in front of a packed sfBIG audience. The teenage panel was filled insightful comments, poignant anecdotes, and witty one-liners; comments like "Well as soon as I get my homework done, I head to Tumblr" filled the ...
sfBIG Halloween Mixer

sfBIG Halloween Mixer 28

This Halloween sfBIG rounded up all of our industry goblins and ghouls at Kell's Irish Pub for a night of spooky fun. The costume ...
sfBIG Annual Charity Golf Tournament

sfBIG Annual Charity Golf Tournament 50

The sfBIG Charity Golf Tournament was held in benefit of the Bay Area Advertising Relief Committee at the Presidio Golf Course in San Francisco. The ...
BIG Star Awards 2015

BIG Star Awards 2015 59

The San Francisco City Club hosted sfBIG for another fantastic evening for the industry.
BIG Breakfast Women in Media

BIG Breakfast Women in Media 4

Our expert panel discussed women in the work place, from issues of unequal pay, to maternity leave, and the use of sexuality in what you ...