Individual Achievement Award Nominees

Salesperson BIG Star of the Year - Being a good salesperson isn't about selling, it is about partnership and collaboration in order to bring strategic solutions to clients. Who is the first salesperson that comes to mind when thinking about a true partnership? Someone that brings enthusiasm and well thought out solutions to the table? Nominate that person that you feel really shines as a partner in business.


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Debbie Sorich


"Debbie goes beyond her role - bringing partnerships to the next level and exceeding client expectations. She has been one of the most reliable and hardworking partners. Her energy, knowledge, and passion is what truly sets her apart from anyone else. When you work with Debbie, you know you’re in good hands because of her deep knowledge and experience in the industry."


Mani Davari



"Mani has been in the Bay Area market selling for Drawbridge for 5 years. He was the first business hire at Drawbridge, and not surprisingly, owns some of Drawbridge’s biggest and most lucrative accounts. Mani built his book of business from the ground up, entering the cross-device market when it began and evolving with the business as it’s grown. From introducing the idea of cross-device to his clients back in 2012 to now selling huge graph licensing deals, Mani has used his knowledge of the industry and trends to address the full funnel of cross-device for his clients.


In addition to his great individual work, Mani is also a true team player. He is responsible for streamlining the pre-sales processes at Drawbridge, resulting in more efficient and successful customer responses. Mani is always available to answer questions from team members and brainstorm with co-workers on ways potential clients can use cross-device.


Mani’s client-first attitude manifests in a consultative approach. He works hard to drive success from clients, always listening and trying to hit their goals. Clients love his fun but productive style when it comes to weekly calls and client interactions. As one of Mani's clients said, "You never know what you're walking into when you have a meeting or call with Mani, but I know I always leave feeling better.”



Alexandre Dohrmann

Fusion Media Group


"Alex is a trusted partner. I can always rely on him - from small planning changes to immediate proposals. Alex is one of the most highly-motivated professionals in the industry. He brings color to every campaign, knowing how to turn a simple plan into a bright idea. He is always responsive and knows how to connect with his clients. On many occasions, he has shown confidence and professionalism, proving that his aptitude for Sales is exceptional."




Michelle Tsang



"Michelle started her career at Hulu over eight years ago as a Sales Planner. Due to her performance and work ethic, she successfully grew her career and is now a Senior Account Executive at Hulu SF. She has skillfully adapted to many changes over the years in the digital video industry, and consistently pushes herself to be knowledgeable in the products that she sells, as well as the industry as a whole.


What makes Michelle stand out to me is the partnership that she forms with her clients. She fosters strong relationships with her contacts at agencies and advertisers around the Bay Area. These relationships play a large role in growing accounts and producing successful campaigns year after year. Michelle thinks strategically, and is always looking for innovative ways to meet her client's needs. She is a key driver in formulating 'big ideas' for clients, and challenges Hulu's internal teams to continually innovate in order to produce new, unique opportunities for advertisers.


One example of her partnership has been displayed in the 2015 and 2016 Visit California campaigns. Michelle presented the opportunity for Visit California to sponsor a Hulu original show to help drive brand awareness and further distinguish the brand outside of standard video commercials. Due to the success of the 2015 campaign, Visit California not only returned as an advertiser, but grew their media buy and signed on to sponsor a new Hulu Original in 2016.


Overall, Michelle is an incredibly valuable member of the Hulu SF team, and her commitment to her internal team and clients makes her an excellent candidate for Salesperson of the Year."



Jennifer Schwam

Integral Ad Science


"To Jen's clients, she is known as someone who gets everything done, when you need it done. She puts her client needs first and continues to fight for them to get the best out of their working media dollar.


Her clients appreciate that she forms relationships with their media partners and works with them to identify optimization opportunities. Jen's clients rely on her knowledge of their accounts, business and overall industry expertise. She is that go to person when you need an intro, or to gain knowledge on how digital is performing."


"I've had the pleasure to work with Jen over the last 3 years and her knowledge of the IAS attributes have allowed me to truly understand the media quality I'm purchasing plus provides me with key insights for me to share with my clients. Jen is someone I can lean on in a pinch and for that, I nominate her for the best rep of the year."


"Jen is a fun, personable and well-informed industry expert. She goes above and beyond to educate her clients on the complexities of verification technology. She works alongside both planning and buying teams to help ensure goals are successfully met. On several accounts, Jen's extended product engineering support to her clients to develop customized solutions. Which makes her an indispensable asset."


"Jenn has without a doubt been one of the sales reps I have ever worked with. She is extremely attentive and really listens to our clients needs."




Chris Pinel



"Over the past 2 years, Chris has continued to a be a proven sales leader in the Bay Area by establishing KARGO as the premier mobile Ad Tech partner in the region.


His work across some of the biggest brands such as VISA, Wells Fargo, GAP, Netflix and Google has helped to deliver exponential value for clients and has bridged even larger partnerships year over year.


In having to describe working with Chris, you know he leads with endless energy, is always solutions oriented and is relentlessly focused on meeting client needs first, even before his own.


Being a former media agency veteran, his understanding of what clients’ needs are from both perspectives (sales + agency) is truly one of the biggest assets which makes him such an effective sales person and joy to work with.


That said, Chris Pinel should indeed be considered for the SF BIG Sales Person of the Year achievement."




Brian North

Lin Digital Media


"Brian North has been selling media in California for 15 years and consistently ranks as one of the top client-focused media reps in the SF DMA. He knows it all. He sold radio for 4 years, TV for 10 years, print for 2 years and now digital for 5 years. He recently got promoted to Digital Sales Manager for Lin Digital and manages a team of 10 reps. Brian's clients love him. He is attentive, forward-thinking and innovative. Over the past 4 years Brian has been beating the drum to get traditional media sellers on board with understanding the digital world. He is the perfect sfBIG salesperson of the year."



Steven Gerberman

Samba TV


"Steve is a rockstar. I have worked with Steve over the last 8 months and have been awe struck at his ability to proactively drive partnership in the bay area. Hailing from Samba TV , Steve has a very unique value proposition in market, and it does not come without it's challenges. Steven manages to educate his partners on the TV Data space and Samba's differentiation, he puts proactive ideas in front of his partners to highlight his ability to think strategically about their business, and he manages to create amazing relationships/friendships with his partners by being an all around great person who maintains a great deal of integrity! Again, Steve is a TOTAL rockstar."


"1) Must be a salesperson in the Bay Area territory

- Confirmed!

2) What makes them a good salesperson?

- Steve is well liked by his clients and the greater Bay Area marketing community. He's constantly at industry events and spending time with clients. What really helps him stand out is his ability to help clients strategically plan their business and align with Samba TV's capabilities.

3) How do they go above and beyond?

- Steve takes time for every level of planner/buyer/marketer. He isn't shy and will always pick up the phone or jump in a Lyft to answer any question, no matter how small.

4) Examples of true partnership

- Steve's been asked by agency partners to present as a thought leader in front of clients. This is a great testament to his trust in the marketplace and true partnership."




Anya Gorman



"I've worked with Anya for years and she is our West Coast mover and shaker. She is a true PANDA (our acronym that essentially stands positive, nurturing team members who self-starters who go for it!), far from the mother ship (HQ). She runs our West Coast territory from San Francisco and has amazing customer service - devoting quality time to every client and agency (from creating custom studies and educational initiatives to helping them smash their video distribution campaign goals).


Anya takes an insight-fileld consultative approach to her sales strategy. I not only love Anya as a colleague, I view her as my partner in crime, like when I've been able to join her on road trips up and down the West Coast (which are also a great opportunty to return home to my native Bay Area) for custom Future Video Lab tours and sector video dos and don'ts. Anya truly embodies Unruly's values: #DeliverWOW, #SharetheLove, #InspireChange and would be an awesome (and humble) recipient of this award."